A preferred volunteer driver is one nominated by a member group to drive their minibus on a regular basis. Since becoming VAT registered in 2018 some minibus hires, in particular those that are driven by an organisations own driver now attract 20% VAT on additional mileage and the booking fee. If a SACT preferred volunteer driver is nominated VAT is not charged.

The hire of smaller minibuses up to 9 seats attract VAT at 20% regardless of who is driving the vehicle.

SACT Volunteer Drivers

Anyone can become a SACT volunteer provided that they have D1 on their license (in order to drive the larger minibuses) and 6 points or fewer!  All our volunteer drivers go through the same SACT induction process as our sessional and contracted drivers and are issued with an ID badge identifying them as a SACT driver.

Once inducted, any organisation is free to express a preference for any volunteer driver on the booking form. The SACT office will contact the volunteer driver to confirm availability and inform them of the date, destination and duration of the hire based on the booking form received.

What next?

If anyone wishes to become a SACT volunteer, here is what they have to do:

  • Download the Volunteer Driver Application Form, complete and return it with a head-shot photo and a scan/photo of both sides of their driving licence to info@sacommunitytransport.org. We will then issue an induction pack to the driver.
  • The organisation wishing to hire a minibus should complete a Booking Form indicating their preference for a named driver (if they have one). Once the booking form is received SACT will contact the driver, informing them of volunteer work with the specified organisation on a day(s) relating to the booking form.
  • On the first hire for which they have been nominated as a preferred volunteer the driver will be issued with a SACT ID badge and ensure that a familiarisation of the vehicle has been completed.