MiDAS – Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme

MiDAS is changing from January 2024

Please use this link for more information in the first instance: MiDAS – online training


In conjunction with the Community Transport Association (CTA), SACT offers to member and non-member drivers alike – MiDAS Driver Training.

MiDAS is the industry-wide recognised standard for drivers of minibuses. For beginners and all advanced levels of experienced drivers this certificate provides the quality backbone your organisations’ drivers need.

After registering your driver(s) with us, we will issue an e-learning pass. This will allow the completion of a comprehensive online e-tutorial and theory session. Once completed there will be a follow up one-on-one session for theory feedback and practical driver assessment. This will take up to 2.5 hours as a maximum and will vary depending on the drivers needs.

There is one final refresher course planned at the end  of November, all other courses under the previous delivery method have been cancelled.