Accessible Minibuses for Hire.

Currently we have five wheelchair accessible 15 to 17 seat minibuses and three smaller 6 to 9 seat accessible vehicles available for hire by community or not for profit groups. Only two vehicles are not classed as accessible. All accessible minibuses have passenger lifts, steps or ramps to enable ease of access inside and are maintained in accordance with current legislation and the West of Scotland Community Transport Network quality framework.

The number of seats available include the two front passenger seats and driver seat in the front of the vehicle.


 SACT1 – Ford Transit – 16 seats + driver.

The workhorse of our fleet, affectionately known as “Scud” is the one non wheelchair accessible vehicle we have. Acquired from a partner community group it is suitable for the more mobile community users. Very popular with school and sports groups, its sixteen seats are kept warm through the week on a variety of trips. It also has a tow bar if you have a trailer to use. Requires D1 on license to drive.

Newly refurbished, we unearthed a gem from under the wrap.

Cost: £35 + £0.85 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour


SACT2 and SACT8 – Ford Tourneo – 8 seats + driver (6+w/c+driver)







“Zulu” and “Joy” arrived in 2017 offering a flexible alternative for smaller groups. A wheelchair ramp with winch allows any wheelchair user to join in with the other passengers whilst being carried securely. These roomy MPV’s are perfect for small group outings. SACT2 is available in the Kyle area and SACT8 in the North Carrick and rural areas.

Cost: £25 + £0.80 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour (+VAT)


SACT3 – VW Crafter – 14 seats + driver (1-5 wheelchairs by arrangement) .

Acquired by our merger with a partner community transport group. Comfortably seating 14 (see table for wheelchair numbers and passengers seats available) this has a rear passenger lift to access the interior and a sliding door to the rest of the cabin. Easy step access and plenty of handrails make these the vehicle of choice for many groups. Day units, church groups, stroke club members and our Out & About Club, among others, all use this in the week for hassle free transportation. Requires D1 on license to drive.

Cost: £35 + £0.85 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour


SACT4 – VW Crafter – 14 seats + driver

This VW crafter similar to SACT3 is no longer accessible by wheelchairs, though walkers and frames still have access from the side door. The lift has been removed permanently.

Requires a D1 to drive.

Cost: £35 + £0.85 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour


SACT5 – Mercedes Sprinter Low Floor bus – 16 seats, (only 13 seatbelts) + driver (12+w/c+driver)






“Rikky” is used on our Girvan to Barr scheduled (CB8) service but is available for hire in the South Carrick area at other times (evenings after 18.30 & Thursdays and Sundays). This is the only automatic bus on our fleet and has destination boards to advertise your event. Ideal for events where multiple pick up and drop off points are used. Requires D1 on license to drive.

Cost: £35 + £0.85 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour


SACT6 – Peugeot Boxer – 16 seats + driver (12 +1 w/c+ driver)






“Sheepy” is based in Girvan, serving the South Carrick and rural communities. With one wheelchair you can safely seat twelve passengers. Access for wheelchairs or passengers is via the rear passenger lift in a seamless transition. The sliding door gains entry to the rest of the cabin. Great for school groups, sheltered housing units, care homes and voluntary groups.

Cost: £35 + £0.85 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour


SACT7 – VW Vista – 4 seats +w/c +driver






Katie G is a member of the team of MPV’s. Slightly smaller than the the Tourneo’s she has a permanent wheelchair space and five permanent seats. Great for family sized groups. Sheltered housing units and residential homes offer this as an added service to relatives wishing to take their residents on day trips. Currently Katie is used as the R700 MyBus service around South Carrick in the Girvan area, Monday to Saturday. It is available to hire on Sundays and every evening after 18.30.

Cost: £25 + £0.85 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour (+VAT)


SACT9 & SACT10 – Citroen Relay Flexilite – 16 passenger seats + driver ( 12 + 1 w/c, 8 + 2 w/c + driver)






Our newest minibuses on the fleet. A lightweight minibus that has 16 seats, easy climb door ramp and fitted with an under-floor passenger lift at the rear.

Cost: £35 + £0.85 per mile (first 20 miles free) + optional driver £13.00 per hour



The transport laws we adhere to mean that we can not hire minibuses to individuals or to “for-profit” companies. Hires must be made by not for profit or voluntary organisations that have membership with us. Membership costs £30 +VAT for the 1st year and £15 +VAT on yearly renewal. Forms are available here.

Please Note:

As of 1st August 2018, SACT became VAT registered. The laws on hires are complicated to an extent, but please bear these basic points in mind:

  • A minibus seating 9 or more passengers will not attract VAT if one of our SACT paid or volunteer drivers is being used.
  • If you use your own driver that is not registered with us via the preferred volunteer driver scheme (in which they become a SACT volunteer) the hire and any additional mileage costs will attract VAT.
  • All MPV hires will attract VAT regardless of who is driving the MPV.